Offenen Ateliers 2017

Hinrich Schmieta: Zeichenmaschine III

Drawing and Installation

BBK-OWL Studio
Ravensberg Park 1, 33607 Bielefeld,
Sat, 9.9.2017 from 14-19 pm;
Sun, 10.9.2017   from 11-19 PM

On the 9th and 10th of September, the »Open Atelier Bielefeld«, the BBK-OWL atelier opens on the fourth floor of the Ravensberg spinning mill. 7 BBK members show drawings: depicted or constructed reality, a combination with Papercuts, the emergence of extraordinarily important notes, abstract structures and also a sensitive drawing machine.

Renate Kastner shows what nature "distinguishes": grasses, twigs and algae from the garden pond make plant portraits appear in truly naturalistic drawings.

Not the outside but the inside world interested Gitte Klisa
In their paper work, which is always» expression Situational and emotional
Perceptions and experiences. " Spaces, whites and spaces are used consciously to support the independent narrative. «

By reshaping the drawn line to the cut, Gaby Wieging releases the plastic quality of lines in her Papercuts. The lacquered back surfaces of the cut papers produce a coloured play of light and shadow.

The autonomy of drawings shows Imke Brunzema in the variations of the   predetermined structures of their collages: the relationships between elements of the collage change, whichever is the focus of the drawing.

Schmieta participates in the exhibition with a drawing machine and refers less to the finished drawing than to the graphic process: instead of receivinging sensitive strokes, visitors * should be sensitive to the hand-made machine Around.

Marie-Pascale Trencher presents her "extraordinarily important collection of notes". This has now grown to 80 small wonder pieces of paper and will expand in the course of the open studios even on site.

Life plans of   "People in the Middle mountains", who met her when travelling through the German-speaking cultural spaces, have documented Alexandra Sonntag in a drawing and transferred it to her own view.

On both days, the participants are present in different ways, some drawing in parallel and giving a greater insight into their work.

Participants: Imke Brunzema, Marie-Pascale, Renate Kastner, Gitte Klisa, Schmieta, Alexandra Sonntag, Gaby Wieging

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