SchleifeHinrich Schmieta Entwurf für eine Arbeit im Jugendzentrum der AWO Brake, Bielefeld.jpg

Invitation text:

This one day event aims to bring together a variety of different artists from different creative areas to present their arts. No matter wether if it fine art, music or rhetorical art. Thewide spectrum shown should address a large audience.
The day starts at 10:00 without introduction or formal greeting. However all visitors get a reader with all the information about the exhibition. At different times small single-stage programs (music, readings and what may be offered) will be performed in a quieter room (Bistro), which otherwise serves for exchange and discussion. In the other spaces, pictures, works and installations of visual artists are exposed. Throughout the presentation there will be snacks and drinks served. Depending on the development of the day the event might end between 18:00 and 22:00.


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