Memento Mori

Art Exhibition 28 September to 8 October 2009

How Bielefeld artists deal with the subject of death?

Since ancient times, the art is dealing with the subject of death. We suppress the death and at the same time nothing fascinated us more. Is death evil or is it part of life, like birth and can it therefore be accepted as a guide, giving life an orientation? Will the investigation of death lead to a deeper life and to ars vivendi?

In the rooms of
Vormbrock burials
Windelsbleicher Road 203
33659 Bielefeld
Bielefeld artists are exhibiting:
Heide Fernandes da Silva, Rike Goll, Andrea Köhn, Ursula pulse Fort, Monika Reinhold, Hinrich Schmieta, Petra Timmas, Ulrike Weking, Berit Wrede Wienkamp

Jury: Prof. Dr. Andreas Beaugrand, Dr. Manfred Strecker, Christiane Lutterkort, Ulrich Galling, Jutta Knoop

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